London at Large

London at Large Category: Events | Venues | London Venue | 2012 is set to be a huge year for London. The 2012 Olympics will not only regenerate one of the poorest areas of London, create 3,000 jobs and increase our economic growth by 70m, but, as every Londoner knows, when the spotlight is on us Brits – we will up our game considerably. So why not take advantage of the enthusiasm of every Londoner and every London venue by making London the destination for your conference. CL has in depth knowledge of London venues as well as the ability to

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Charity Starts at Home – at the House of St Barnabas

Charity Starts at Home - at the House of St Barnabas

Charity Starts at Home – at the House of St Barnabas Category:  Venues | London Venyue | Charity Balls and Fundraisers are a big part of what CL do, so we like to keep an eye out for those in the industry who raise awareness and funds through innovative ideas. Our choice for this month is Quintessentially Soho: House of St Barnabas, a charitable member’s lounge and event space in the heart of Soho. Everyone who has been to London will have noticed homeless people on our streets, the House of St Barnabas is London based and their charity starts

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Amanda’s dining club: The Savoy Grill

Amanda's dining club: The Savoy Grill

The Savoy Grill Category: Venues | London Venue | It’s 10:45am on a sunny Sunday morning in early April and my parents decide that a ‘special’ family lunch in London is in order. Having read all about the “most ambitious hotel restoration project in British history”, I decide The Savoy Grill at the infamous Savoy Hotel should be the destination for such an event! Though I thought it could be a tad ambitious to book a table so last minute, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were able to offer me a table for four at 3pm. As you

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