The right awards advisory committee will give focus to strengthen your awards development. In doing so, you will benefit from new thinking and improved understanding of the market place, to grow and establish your Awards.

If you are planning an award ceremony, the assumption is that you have a reasonable knowledge of your audience. However, there may be areas where external experts can supplement your understanding. Providing strategic thinking, to assist the existing awards team.

An Awards Advisory Committee, with clear objectives and terms of reference, can provide access to talent, that would not otherwise be available. Experience has shown that bringing together an intelligent and diverse group of experts, will take an award scheme to another level.

Define their role
The responsibility for each award advisory committee member needs to be clearly set out.  Think through what it is you need them to do.

Members can be selected from a cross-section of advisors, suppliers and successful players who are known to you, and may be within your own network of contacts. Their light touch should help build or improve an existing awards structure by:

The Awards
Categories Ensuring a full range of categories within a competitive environment.
Criteria Ensuring the criteria for each Award stands up to scrutiny.
Reviewing entry rules for clarity.
Identifying Judges to approach for the judging panel.
Entry selection Sense checking the entry longlist suitability, ready to pass to the judges to produce a shortlist.
Perception Developing the status within the industry, for the awards team to expand the reach of Awards, whilst maintaining their integrity.

Awards Development
Providing a network of contacts and opportunities to grow the Awards by making introductions, opening doors and generating new leads for entries, sponsorship and ticket sales to be followed up by the Awards team.

Nominate entries from their networks: identifying luminaries and market leaders in each category. Provide sponsor introductions: to oil the wheels to gain support.

Maximise award attendance: increased entrants will deliver increased tickets and table sales.

Make it clear to all advisory committee members what is expected of them. Outline what is involved and give an indication of frequency and likely duration of meetings, as well as one-to-one conversations. Can these been done online, or do they need to be done in person? Consider any reimbursement, as well as outlining what expenses will be covered.

Getting your award advisory committee right will provides a seal of approval to add an extra level of gravitas to your awards. With a clear mission and the right composition, they can be a strong value adding asset.

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