Charity Starts at Home – at the House of St Barnabas

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Charity Balls and Fundraisers are a big part of what CL do, so we like to keep an eye out for those in the industry who raise awareness and funds through innovative ideas.

Our choice for this month is Quintessentially Soho: House of St Barnabas, a charitable member’s lounge and event space in the heart of Soho. Everyone who has been to London will have noticed homeless people on our streets, the House of St Barnabas is London based and their charity starts at home. For over 160 years, the House of St Barnabas has been supporting those affected by homelessness, helping them to bring about a positive change in their lives. The House currently offers a unique Life Skills Programme to individuals recruited from nearby hostels and agencies.

The event space is unique and of course historic, a perfect venue for something a little different whilst also supporting a worthy cause.

House of Barnabus
CL Events’ expertise in charity event management has generated millions for charities such as Breast Cancer Care, Kid’s Company, Macmillan Cancer Support, Action for Children, The Prince’s Trust and Teenage Cancer Trust. If you’re looking to launch a charity ball or are currently running one and need some fresh ideas, get in touch.

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