Conference Organisers Guide on Streaming a Conference

Internet access allows conference organisers to open the doors of an event to share with a worldwide data captured audience. With so much invested into an event, it makes sense to capitalise on your investment through streaming; making it available beyond the day itself.

 Broadening the scope of your event

You are not restricted to just the event’s main content. Trailer videos can be used to create a buzz and can be edited to promote future events. Whilst you have key personnel on site you can take advantage with 1:1 interviews in a relaxed format. This allows extra opportunities to explain ideas and take more questions. It can also be shown attendees on site via TV monitors.

 Presentations online

For conferences and meetings, presentations are seen synchronised with slides. The entire presentation can be watched, including video content or software demonstrations, so the remote viewers see everything the audience does.

Connecting with those not attending

For those unable to attend for whatever reason, be it travel, time or costs constraints, interaction helps their engagement. Questions can be asked, opinion polls taken and surveys done afterwards. All feedback is monitored before being displayed, to prevent any inappropriate remarks. Another plus is you can track who is watching what.

Adding value for delegates

Delegates can view any sessions missed due to a limited room capacity or conflicts in the programme. Once back at work they can share relevant content with colleagues.

Presenter perks

If you are unable to get a presenter onsite they can contribute remotely. Technicians can ensure a smooth delivery and link to slides and video footage. For the presenters that are there you are increasing their reach, which is an added reason for their participation. If appropriate, they can promote the footage of their involvement, further increasing the audience size.

Distribution options

You decide how you make the content available. Options include selling recordings, and access to online streams via pay per view or charging a subscription prior to watching. If income generation is not a consideration, you can simply ensure it is made available for authorised viewers through a registration system or password. Content can be used on a microsite or on your own website. It can be titivated with synchronised slide indexing and transcripts, as well as translated into other languages.

Sponsors buy-in

Exposure to a larger audience of course has a value to sponsors, through branding, adverts and website banners and the income can be used to offset the production costs. You can also feature sponsors products or services. If you have an exhibition you can consider a TV studio enabling sponsor promotions and interviews.

Event streaming for Corporate Events Organisers

Event streaming for Corporate Events Organisers


Streaming can be easily integrated with other event AV, it is quick to set up, requires little technical assistance and there is minimal intrusion. Performance and overall reliability are vital and make sure it is compatible for viewing both on desktops and mobile devices. Once in place the rewards are easy to grasp.

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