Budding Corporate Event Organiser in the Making

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Student Jasmine Holden joined the CL Events team last month to see if organising corporate events was all that she thought it would be.  Here’s how she got on…

I have recently completed my work experience with CL Events. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and the work that I have been doing with them. Before my work experience, I was looking at Event Management courses at universities as a maybe, but now I see it as a definite if I do go to university.

I have learnt that there are many different aspects to corporate event management and that whilst logistics is a mainly office job it does still include meeting with clients and being at the events, which makes the job very varied.

I have been shown how to work programmes such as email software and managing databases and directories, which I did not previously know. I was caught up on all the upcoming events that are being planned by CL Events and allowed to attend a meeting and a menu tasting. As well as being given floor plans to look at, proposal to edit, databases to complete and suitable venues to find information for.

I learnt many skills such as how to keep the budget under control, how to keep the client happy and how to give useful tips on changing a product design so that it gives relevant and correct information, all whilst maintaining a professional demeanour and keeping the client up to date and the sponsors contented.

My work experience was something that I was looking forward to for ages and there were many interesting aspects. The skills that I acquired are useful and will help me in the future. Co-ordination, planning, operating and managing, responsibility, organisation and paying attention to detail are only some of the beneficial skills I have developed.

An important aspect of my work experience was that, even though I’ve never done something like this before, I was trusted to correctly complete the work. I am 17 which is still a young enough age to be patronised but I was never treated like a child and instead I was relied upon, which made my week even more gratifying.

Overall, my work experience at CL Events has been very enlightening, especially in helping me confirm my future career plans and aiding me to achieve the skills needed to pursue this career choice.

Intern at event tastingJasmine at an event menu tasting


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