Guide To Organising Events

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Here are just a few of the tips CL Events has learnt over its decades of experience in event management, and there are many more which could be stated. Interested in how we run our events? Want our expertise helping you? Contact us now!

  • Details, details!
    • It’s all in the details, try and get as much as you can in one summary that covers all parts of the brief – in the lead up to events it’s inevitable things will be forgotten or miscommunicated.
  • Set your ambitions
    • What are the main aims of the event? If it’s to wow your guests but you spend all your money on advertising, then you’ve got your priorities wrong!
  • Plan your budget
    • From the outset make a detailed plan of what you’re planning of spending on what and where
    • This will help you allocate funds, and ensure you’re staying on track while keeping in mind the bigger picture
    • Top Tip: Always have a contingency fund in case emergencies happen, it DOES happen!
  • Use local resources and help!
    • Cities like London have Convention Bureaus or dedicated venue services like Square Meal, who aim to help you find the right venue and offer assistance such as making good use of your tax breaks. And it’s free!
  • Match the venue to your needs
    • The perfect venue can make all the difference to an event, look carefully!
    • See our other guide on what makes a perfect venue
  • Agree reservation deadlines
    • Get these all set in advance and keep an eye on them, venues are quick to charge you for missing important deadlines or trying to make last minute changes, and the cost of these can rapidly spiral if you’re not careful
    • Top Tip: Set your own personal deadline a week or so before the venue’s, this gives you time to chase up any stragglers or any emergencies!
  • Extra value?
    • Cities are getting bigger, this means more opportunities and more possibilities!
    • Look around in the city to see if there’s anything you can take advantage of, from concerts to exhibitions, fairs or celebrations, these can add a real sparkle to your event, and may cost you next to nothing!
  • Travel plans
    • How are delegates or guests getting to/from the event? Do local authorities need to be potentially warned of a high number of users, does the venue need to have back up plans in place in case of emergencies or any issues arising?
  • Media buzz
    • If your event is non-exclusive, or you’re struggling to fill numbers, considering how best to advertise it. From social media to traditional adverts, there’s a huge variety in the ways you can get your event publicised to as many people as possible!