Inamo, Soho & Covent Garden

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Go back to the future at Inamo. Situated in Soho and Covent Garden they definitely leave tradition at the door. With its hi-tech atmosphere, diners will feel like they have stepped into a time machine and have been transported into the future.

From the outside, Inamo Soho is seemingly ordinary, yet as you step inside you are greeted by large projection pods that are situated above each table, transforming each table into massive computer screens. This allows each diner to have a bespoke dining experience; you can chose the table mat patterns and even play computer games, such as battleships on the table.

Inamo Soho offers an oriental fusion cuisine that can be ordered from a simple touch of the table screens, and once more you can preview potential meals, as an image is projected onto your plate. The table touch screen also allows you to check the “kitchen cam” to see your food being prepared, pay your bill and even plan your tube route home. So for all those technology buffs, Inamo could well be the experience that you have been looking for.

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