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On the 24 June 2011, CL decided to let their hair down and have a ‘wild’ evening! What better way to do this than at the London Zoo Late Night!

We were greeted upon arrival by a throng of twenty – something’s hiding in the entrance, sheltering from the very heavy rain. As we had not been able to print off our tickets we asked a member of staff were we had to go to collect them. They did not know. Nor did the next member of staff. Third time lucky and we were pointed in the direction of an un- signposted service point.

Eventually we made it in! And naturally, we headed toward the food and drink! Having pre- ordered our ‘ Gordon Ramsay’ picnic baskets we were keen to sample the delights of the foul mouthed chef, but were greeted with an uncomfortable deja vu when asking the members of staff where we could find them… It was worth the treasure hunt though, the food inside the boxes was absolutely delicious, and Ramsay has successfully managed to spruce up the traditional British picnic, and how very British we were eating them inside in the ‘Oasis Café’ … Tropical!

Following our lovely dinner, we braved the elements, and headed toward the animal exhibits (not before purchasing some attractive plastic ponchos first though!) All animals exhibits were open, however we leaned toward the indoor and sheltered exhibits. We enjoyed, in particular, the Insect Exhibit; slightly inebriated people watching dung beetles roll around, well, dung, leading to comments such as ‘I saw them in Thailand, on my gap yah” is always amusing. Our favourite exhibit had to be the new Penguin enclosure, a lovely, large area where ‘Pippa’ and ‘Kate’ the penguins play with the other penguins! Throughout the evening there was animal demonstrations, A ‘Twisted Cabaret’ and a very fun Silent Disco where for a deposit of £5 you wear headsets and dance in, what looks like to spectators, silence!

Although CL had a great evening, we were surprised that, though we visited on their 3rd wet Friday in a row, no contingency plan had been put into place in a very exposed venue, meaning that everyone left sodden, despite adorning our stunning water proofs! That will not, however stop CL Events returning. London Zoo boasts a highly unique experience for you upcoming conference or event. Whether it’s a presentation for 200 in The Huxley Lecture Theatre, having Dana the lemur meet your guests on arrival, or simply having a Summer barbeque overlooking the lions, ZSL London Zoo offers an unforgettable and meaningful animal experience! Holding your event here, has other benefits; all profits are put toward conservation projects around the world, helping critically endangered animals and their habitats.

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