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One of my hang ups about staying in hotels is the check-out time.  11a.m on a Saturday morning is no time to be spat out of a hotel lobby whilst staff smile insincerely. “Come again” is definitely not on my mind when my breakfast is still digesting and the rain begins to trickle down the collar of my  mac (I think I may be the only one who still wears one of these).

Having rolled out of bed on the right side morning (you may seem surprised),  I’ve set myself the task of researching hotels with late check-out times.   Meandering my way through the www I have stumbled across a gem of a boutique hotel recently opened in none other than NYC.  The added bonus is that the check-out time (wait for it), is 2p.m!  Finally someone sensible is working the clocks.

The Nolitan Hotel is the first luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan.  This piece of prestige is located in Nolita ‘North of Little Italy’ and embraces the authentic New York City, combining luxurious downtown living with luxury boutique.  The Nolitan opened its doors on 1 August with 55 bedrooms and 70 seat dining facilities.

Advertising itself as a hotel that welcomes all, the Nolitan offers a refreshing perspective in the world of luxury hotels.  Other perks include; free bicycle and skateboard use(!), free laptop rental,  free use of their gaming system, (including Xbox and Wii), and their unique ‘luxury for pets’ initiative – T.A.I.L.S.

Introductory rates start from $269, so why not try the convenience and cosmopolitan mix?

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