Top 20 destinations with  Conference Organisers

Ever wondered where in the world is the most popular meeting destination with conference organisers? A recent report shows there is very little change year on year. Europe leads the way, with 15 European cities listed in the top 20 destinations. However when you look at the data country by country it is the USA that tops the rankings. Yet the most popular US meeting destinations such as Orlando, Washington, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and Phoenix do not make it to the top 20. Outside of Europe it is the Asian conference centres of Singapore (7) Beijing (14), Seoul (15), Hong Kong (16) and Taipei (20) that are attracting delegates from across the world.

When it comes to the top 6 cities there is little change with first place going to Paris beating Vienna who took win the year before.

Top 20 Conference Cities

2013  2014
1 Vienna Paris
2 Paris Vienna
3 Berlin Madrid
4 Madrid Berlin
5 Barcelona Barcelona
6 London London
7 Singapore Singapore
8 Copenhagen Amsterdam
9 Istanbul Istanbul
10 Amsterdam Prague
11 Prague Brussels
12 Stockholm Lisbon
13 Beijing Copenhagen
14 Brussels Beijing
15 Lisbon Seoul
16 Bangkok Hong Kong
17 Helsinki Budapest
18 Seoul Rome
19 Buenos Aires Stockholm
20 Budapest Taipei

Top 20 Conference Countries

2013 2014
2 Germany Germany
3 Spain Spain
4 United Kingdom United Kingdom
5 France France
6 Italy Italy
7 Brazil Japan
8 Japan China
9 Netherlands Netherlands
10 China Brazil
11 Austria Austria
12 Canada Canada
13 Australia Australia
14 Switzerland Sweden
15 Sweden Portugal
16 Republic of Korea Switzerland
17 Portugal Korea
18 Argentina Argentina
19 Belgium Turkey
20 Denmark Belgium

The figures are based on a report (issued May 2015) by International Convention and Congress Association to show where large associations are running their meetings in 2014. It is the closest thing to a ranking of international conference destinations there is and judging by the conferences we organise it is a fair reflection of where businesses are meeting.

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